Special Needs Alert Program

Program Description
The Special Needs Alert Program is an emergency response system for children and families with special health care needs. Contact the Itasca Police Department at 630-773-1004 and request to be included on the Itasca Family Alert data base. For more information, view how the program works.

Program Goals
The main goal of the Itasca Alert Program is to develop a voluntary data base of special needs people. This program is designed to give proper attention to family members and youths who have physical or mental challenges. This information is intended improve:
  • Safety of at risk and special needs people
  • Police awareness and education
  • Immediate and appropriate response
  • Data Collection by Itasca Dispatch
  • Assessment and treatment
The goals of the Itasca Alert program will be accomplished through cooperative efforts of:
  • Day care centers
  • Education specialists
  • Emergency medical services
  • Fire services
  • Parents
  • Police departments
  • Schools
  • Social workers
Special Needs Form (PDF)