Child Abduction Safety

Crimes Against Children
Recent crimes against children, although a rare occurrence, have left many parents frightened and unsure about how best to protect their children. The heightened awareness of crimes against children and of missing children in particular, has left many families feeling uneasy. It is important that parents be aware and alert, but you and your child do not need to be afraid.

Safety Tips
The following is a list of prevention tips for parents to practice with their children:
  • Teach your child to run away from danger, never towards it
  • Never let your child go anywhere alone
  • Know where and with whom your child is with at all times
  • Talk openly to your child about safety
  • Practice what-if scenarios with your child
  • Teach your child a stranger is anyone you don't know
  • Never go anywhere with a stranger
  • If someone grabs your child teach your child to yell, "This is not my mom / dad"
  • If confronted by a stranger your child should run to a crowded area
  • Make sure your child walks to school with friends. Never walk alone
  • Remind your child you will never have anyone pick them up, unless prior arrangements have been made